Network Design and Setup

Whether you want to build a new network, extend your current network to new sites, or upgrade the reliability and performance of your network, ABG can provide the technology and the expertise to meet your requirements. ABG works with you to understand your objectives and then can design and implement a full range of networks including:

  • Local area networks (LAN), both wireless and cabled, that allow your users to share networked printers, file servers, software applications, high speed internet access, and other shared services.
  • Wide area networks (WAN) that connect your different facilities, allowing you to share files and applications anywhere across your organization.
  • VPN networks that can link remote offices or allow users who travel or work from home to safely work with applications and data back on your network.

Because we use scalable technology when we design and build your networks, they will continue to meet your needs, even as your organization changes and grows. Your technology investment doesn’t get thrown away when your network needs change, it adapts to the new requirements.

Network Monitoring

It takes constant monitoring to ensure the reliability of the network and the security of the data and devices on it. ABG’s Enabled IT Monitoring and Management provides your networks with 24/7 monitoring of network devices and services. This monitoring system detects network problems and responds to them, typically before you even notice that there is a problem.

Network Management

ABG’s Enabled IT also provides network management through a Preventive Maintenance process that identifies and installs needed operating system and software updates.