Reliable, secure, high speed internet access is vital for every business and organization. Unlike broadband cable and DSL, internet access provided through ABG delivers business class performance and reliability. No shared connections or shared bandwidth to the internet, no need to be located near a Central Office, just a stable connection with the same speed for uploads and downloads. And, if there are problems, the response is business class, too, with rapid support from ABG and our providers.

Bandwidth – Scalable solutions that meet your growing needs

  • T1 – Fractional to full, for up to 1.5 Mbps
  • Bonded multiple T1s for the 3-9 Mbps range
  • T3 – Fractional to full for the 9-45 Mbps range
  • Bonded multiple T3s, OCx, and Gigabit ethernet are available

Reliability – Designed and managed to provide business class performance

  • Multiple Tier 1 providers provide maximum flexibility and affordability
  • 24/7 monitoring of circuits quickly identifies any problems
  • Network design maximizes redundancy and fault resistance

Security – Protecting your network and your productivity

  • Virus control and spam filtering that are regularly updated to deal with changing threats
  • Content filtering available to control access to illegal or inappropriate content
  • Application filtering available to block unsafe or high bandwidth consuming applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing or streaming music and video
  • Firewalls that prevent unauthorized access to your network and are managed to control constantly evolving threats