With 90% of business communications now being electronic, email that is reliable, accessible, and easy to use is mission critical for any organization. ABG offers a variety of email hosting options, ranging from simple, free webmail to group collaboration systems such as Microsoft Exchange that let you share information across your organization.


POP3 webmail is available free of charge with private T1 lines leased from ABG. Included with webmail are a calendar, contacts list, and a notes folder. Message forwarding, out-of-office reply, mail handling rules, and user configurable folders are also included with webmail email. Because webmail is a browser based application that can be viewed from any PC with an internet connection, it gives you access from home or when you travel. Webmail email is also accessible via PDAs and smartphones such as the Blackberry and Treo, letting you be connected wherever you are.

Exchange – Co-Location or Hosted Exchange

For organizations that want to share information and collaborate more effectively, ABG offers Microsoft Exchange. Through Exchange, users across the organization can share calendars, contacts, and tasks and access shared documents in public folders. Scheduling meetings, assigning project tasks, and editing shared documents is easy with Exchange.

ABG offers two options for Exchange users: co-location if you want to own and manage your Exchange server or hosted Exchange if you want to avoid the server administration and maintenance. Hosted Exchange is available at a low monthly cost per user and lets you “future-proof” your use of Exchange, eliminating worries about server and software upgrades as your business expands or you add new services.

Novell Groupwise

ABG provides Novell Groupwise for organizations seeking an alternative to Exchange. Groupwise can also be provided in a co-location or hosted environment.

Email Security

All email systems hosted by ABG use SSL protected HTTP, providing a “secure pipe” between the email server and your PC. Data sent using this method is encrypted so that it is protected from eavesdropping. When end-to-end email security is required, such as to meet HIPPA requirements, ABG can provide additional encryption via PGP and other products.

Spam and Virus Control

The amount of spam email continues to grow every year, increasing by 147% in 2006. During Q4 2006, spam accounted for 70% of the email volume on the internet. Virus attacks continue to increase in speed and stealth. Preventing those threats from reaching user mailboxes has a direct impact on user productivity and the safety of your network.

ABG protects you from the continually changing tactics of spammers and virus authors by monitoring and updating virus definitions and spam filters for all email users. ABG’s multi-layer system of filters, definitions, validation tests, and automated analyses protects your users. When problems do occur, ABG quickly responds to control and resolve the problem.

FTP Site Hosting

When email file attachments exceed 10 MB, the emails are frequently blocked by email systems. ABG provides an alternative route for moving these large files, FTP sites. These sites allow users to easily drop off and pick up large file attachments without running into email system limits.