Recovering from a business disaster, whether it is the loss of a single server, a data center, or an entire office facility, ultimately depends on how well you planned and prepared for a disaster. ABG can help you minimize the effects of a disaster on your organization and your customers. We have an array of services designed to meet the disaster recovery and business continuity needs of small and mid-sized organizations. These range from secure hosting of disk-to-disk backup data from your servers to business recovery sites with office space and established data networks that let you get back to work after a disaster.

Online Backups

ABG’s Assured Backup & Recovery is an automated “set it and forget it” online backup service that is designed to backup workstations and servers across your entire organization. It is the ideal solution for mobile users and remote sites that need reliable backups and restores but don’t have the IT personnel to manage those processes. Assured Backup & Recovery is secure, reliable, and affordable.

Server Hosting

Disk-to-disk backup systems backup and restore data more efficiently than tape systems, but data must also be stored off site to ensure recoverability after a disaster. ABG’s data center provides secure hosting services for disk-to-disk systems or virtualized storage array replication.

Continuous Data Protection

If your recovery time or recovery point objectives are measured in minutes instead of hours or days, ABG’s Enabled IT can implement and maintain a high availability solution that continuously replicates your data to a remote backup server or server cluster. If a hardware failure or disaster occurs, you connect to the backup server or servers and continue operating.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

To support rapid business restoration, ABG works with a major office property developer and has established fully equipped remote server rooms at these office centers. This arrangement lets an organization quickly move into one of these office sites and resume operations following a disaster.