• Improve the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure
  • Continuously monitor and manage servers and network devices
  • A security problem with just one device on your network can affect security and performance of every other device on your network, bringing your business to a stop.

Patches, Security Definitions, and Upgrades

Because over 95% of successful network attacks arise from known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, it is vital to keep current on patches and security definitions. But keeping current on virus and spyware updates, spam filter updates, phishing website updates, software and operating system patches, and firewall configurations is a challenge for any business. A mid-size business, for example, is faced with evaluating and installing over 1,200 updates and patches in a typical year. ABG’s Enabled IT monitors, tests, and automatically distributes the current versions of patches, definitions and upgrades. In addition, Enabled IT automatically monitors which software updates were successfully installed and reports on the update status of every device, enabling us to identify devices that need individual attention.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is critical for the reliability and performance of your technology systems. ABG’s automated monitoring and management services provide the preventive maintenance that keeps your technology reliable, available, and secure. Enabled IT monitors the version status of your software and firmware and determines when updates, ranging from simple version updates to major revision upgrades, are warranted. ABG then works with you to plan and implement the updates.